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After 6 fabulous years in our first Cambria location, Deer Run has moved to
The Garden Shed

WHAT IS deer run?

It is the design workshop of Leslie Clarke Gray, and an innovative art gallery curated by Nick Wilkinson. The gallery and store are a resource to visitors and the local community to see design objects that are innovative, original, fun and quirky and to view the work of young artists, both emerging and established, local and from across the country. It is a gallery unlike any other in Cambria

WHO are these people?  ( Hey, it's a valid question )

Leslie Clarke Gray:

A California native, born in the idyllic and archetypal post World War II Southern California enclave of La Cañada (think ranch houses, station wagons and cocktail parties.)  Leslie Clarke Gray graduated from Stanford and UCLA in art and graphic design before becoming an active member of the Los Angeles design community in the early 1970's. 

Along with her husband, interior designer Ray Gray, their homes and collections of Art Deco, primitive art and furniture, African art and early 70s Italian Modern were featured regularly in such magazines as Architectural Digest, British House & Garden and Casa Vogue.

After Ray's death, Leslie focused her energies on art education, textile and interior design, as well as the then-novel field of color consultation.

In 2005, Leslie moved her operations to Cambria, and opened her first retail outlet "Deer Run". 

In Cambria, her home, designed by local legend Warren Leopold, by his own claim “not a licensed architect” who among his other adventures had studied with Frank Lloyd Wright, has been featured in the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

Nick Wilkinson:

Painter, sculptor and owner of Grow Nursery: Rare & Exotic Succulents.  There are so many more fabulous things to say about this guy, but it is hard to pin him down.

WHAT’s going on here?  ( Another valid question )

Deer Run offers an eclectic mix of  innovative art and treasures, new and old, both local and international – all chosen  very carefully and thoughtfully for you.

GALLERY: An innovative  mix of art not seen elsewhere on the Central Coast STORE:  Objects for the home, patio and garden, jewelry and  accessories, toys, fabric, books Objects: antique, vintage or brand new, One-of-a kind or  culturally-significant mass-produced items, From anywhere in the world, Chosen for beauty and interest, not age or collectability

Most imported items are from fair wage situations

WHY SHOULD I BUY SOMETHING? (The burning question )

Deer Run offers out-of-town visitors and locals a unique resource for art, gifts, furnishings and inspiration from a talented and experienced maven of taste and a gallery curator with a broad knowledge of  new innovative art across the USA.

All of which  means an otherwise ordinary purchase will yield an unexpected treasure. The store's unusual merchandise mix is presented with the levity and delight that Leslie's unique viewpoint brings to the presentation. The displays offer a myriad of items - many of which you will find almost nowhere else.

WHY CALL IT DEER RUN?   ( Finally!!)

 Because, simply, in Cambria, the deer do run.

If I wouldn’t have it in my home, wear it myself, or give it to a friend, I won’t carry it at Deer Run.”


-Leslie Clarke Gray